Service Introduction

First,the pre-sale and the sale of services

1、business people offer process, built on employees obligation to make the customer fully informed and understand the product model, technical specifications, performance, using the occasion, the security precautions to ensure that the customer before signing the contract to make the right choice. After signing the contract, and will strictly comply with the contract offer, in agreement with the contract to provide timely delivery of quality products consistent with the model. If the customer prior to delivery suggest changes on the product model, will give a positive communication and cooperation, in order to meet the reasonable demands of customers, orders for the model can not be changed, it will seriously be confirmed in writing before the contract signed with the customer, in order to reduce to customer unnecessary trouble and loss.

2、 all products will be the fan by the logistics center commissioned by a third party professional logistics company or courier company delivered to the contract agreed with the customer address. Our quality services will deliver the entire logistics process, logistics service if customers enjoy the process of being treated unfairly, please contact the customer service engineer for you to seek support and assistance, while the construction company will regularly review the service process in order to avoid the occurrence of such phenomena.

3、the fan before using the product, the customer will be requested to provide on-site technical support, training and presentation in written form or e-mail, so that customer-related staff fully aware of and understand the product features, use, and pay attention to safety issues. Our products offer generally do not include on-site technical services. In the subsequent course of the entire product, we will provide patient, enthusiastic technical support, reliable guarantee customers safe use and operational excellence.


Second, the warranty period:

Equipment quality assurance of our production 24 months from the date of acceptance of the supplied equipment, transfer of the. During the warranty period that is mechanical failure during the warranty period due to the device itself quality and installation problems caused by the company responsible for the free exclusion and responsible; use of improper operation and other human factors caused by the failure, the company responsible exclude the cost of the related liability party.


Third, the warranty period outside (non-free services):

After the warranty period for your company can be tailored to a variety of party maintenance programs,

The disposable / seasonal maintenance, start / stop maintenance, annual maintenance, etc;

In addition, the company offers a variety of expert services, such as "from time to time for maintenance personnel training" and so on. In accordance with your site needs, flexible combination of a variety of services to ensure the equipment running at peak performance.


Fourth, service response time:

Our company headquarters in Taizhou, Zhejiang sales engineers with four professional, we are committed to receiving the user repair telephone or electrical notified, the response time of no more than two hours, 24 hours to solve the problem by phone, mail, if necessary, will be direct send maintenance personnel to the scene until the repair until the problem is resolved.


Fifth, technical support plan

1.improve the technical document management

2.The company supplied the relevant technical information, installation manuals, user manuals and solutions to its customers.

3.The high-quality technical team.

4.The company's technical support using advanced management methods, the product sold, the company's technical staff will provide guidance installation, commissioning and training services.

5.To provide long-term technical advice and technical support.

6.customer's problem, the company will promptly give a satisfactory answer. Usually the problem can be solved by telephone, e-mail; urgent problems companies will assign professional and technical personnel to provide on-site support services.

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