After service

1. Telephone Support: 24-hour telephone support, to provide regular consulting services and answer general maintenance and configuration issues.

2. E-mail: Customers can e-mail to the company engineer for product installation, commissioning, configuration, maintenance and other issues, and requests for services.

3. On-site service: When the company by phone, email, fax, etc. are unable to solve customer problems, the company will be assigned to the professional and technical personnel to provide on-site support services.

4. Telephone: Customer during normal working hours (except public holidays) proposing technical support service through the hotline, the company promised response time of no more than two hours.

5. E-mail, Fax Service: Committed response time is not more than one working day.

6. Field Service Response time: in the absence of specific fault conditions, the user and the service personnel after I made contact. Jiangsu, Zhejiang region within 24 hours; Jiangsu, Zhejiang and outside the company within 72 hours after-sales service personnel arrived at the scene.

7. The on-site non-manufacturing quality of the company resulting from service, our company will be based on travel and other expenses actually incurred, as appropriate, technical service fees charged to customers.

8. The sale of wind turbine equipment warranty, product warranty period is 24 months, the time from the date of shipment to the site. The fan supplier warranty period, due to the damage caused by the quality of the fan itself, the seller will provide free accessories and free services. If the buyer used improperly, causing equipment failure or damage, the seller will be responsible for the maintenance and replacement of only charge repair used parts, material costs, free repairs.


Neither for our site, or about the product or service, we are very happy to hear any of your evaluation, and will be fully respected. Your comments, suggestions, ideas or feedback, we will take seriously, and quickly respond in whatever circumstances.

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