Warranty clause

Zhejiang Lion King Ventilator Co., Ltd committed against the company's production of "Lai Enke" brand products, self-factory date 24 months warranty. A damaged or does not work in manufacturing quality problems occur during the warranty period, I will be free for users to repair or replacement parts (not including belts, filters and other wearing parts or consumables), in addition to the Company not bear any other costs and losses.

Restrictions and waiver of liability clause

● This warranty does not include repair or replacement by the following reasons:

(1) Products run the actual conditions deviate from the contract conditions (including, but not limited to temperature, corrosive gas components, power supply, the main system, etc);

(2)Product improper maintenance, accident scene, or not long-term protection from overheating and other serious violations of reverse operation "Installation Operation and Maintenance Manual provisions' cause equipment damage;

(3)unauthorized disassembly or modification after assembly;

(4)serial number has been changed, removed or incorrect;

(5)damage caused during the installation site;

(6)the buyer does not follow instructions or that the factors leading to the proper use of equipment damage.

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